What We Do

What We Do

Our Mission Statement

 Enactus Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario, is a group of students seeking to empower themselves, enrich their school, and provide long-lasting positive outreach to the community at large. Through entrepreneurial action & environmental initiatives and sustainable ventures, we generate meaningful social, economic, and environmental impacts, while providing professional development for our members. This will be done by partnering with the community, its businesses and the public.

The Enactus brand is found globally in 37 countries, involving over 1,700+ universities and colleges and impacting 72,000 students annually, making Enactus the largest experimental learning platform in the world. In Canada, Enactus is found in 79 post-secondary schools, with over 3,400 members and impacting the lives of over 50,000 Canadians. There are several benefits to get involved with Enactus such as:

  • Develop your skills. Challenge yourself and stand out in the job market compared to your peers
  • Gain experience and learn skills that will get you hired
  • Become part of a global network of business leaders, change-makers and next-generation innovator
  • Earn a badge on LinkedIn page to show for your time in Enactus
  • Gain access to a large network of industry experts, senior-level business and current change-makers
  • Create meaningful friendships and lifetime memories
  • Create an impact on your campus and make a difference in the world
  • Have the opportunity to become a part of the Traveling Team and represent Fleming on a national and international level


Paper Planet Project

Same Old Paper, Brand New Life 

The Paper Planet Project is a social enterprise that is diverting paper from Fleming College waste streams and turning them into profit. The first product line is the Paper Planter Kit; an educational kit aimed to teach elementary school children the basics of biodegradable practices, gardening, and nutritional literacy. The product will be launched in March 2020 and prototyping for new product lines will begin in September 2020. 

Project Youknighted 

Enriching the learning experience through experiential learning 

King Albert Elementary School in Lindsay, Ontario is facing problems such as low financial resources, low parent engagement, and low attendance among the children. The children are struggling academically and socially as a result of the lack of resources. Project YouKnighted is creating interactive and fun educational modules to assist elementary teachers as they deliver the Ontario Curriculum learning outcomes. The activities from each module can be executed by teachers as they see fit. Our team will be launching modules in March 2020 at King Albert Elementary School. 

Paddy Waste to Income 

Partnering with rice farmers to reduce crop waste burning and find new revenue streams 

In the state of Punjab, India, it is common for rice farmers to burn their crops at the end of the season. The annual burning of the rice paddy causes serious health hazards for the neighboring city of New Delhi. They do this because they cannot afford basic farming equipment. Paddy Waste to Income will work with local farmers and Enactus teams to empower farmers and reduce the health risks of burning the crop. The straw will be collected, baled and sold to create new sources of revenue for the farmers. 

Keys to Me

Unlocking success through workshops catered to Fleming students 

College is an exciting time for new opportunities, but it’s also a time of a lot of stress. For many students, they feel that they lack basic life skills such as financial literacy, stress management, and job preparation. Keys To Me is a series of workshops conducted by experts within the community to fill the gaps in post-secondary student’s lives. Enactus Fleming College works with community partners to bring in experts to deliver the workshops.  

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