Get Involved

Get Involved

Are you driven to make the world a better place? Do you want to make the best of your time at Fleming College? Then why not give Enactus a try! Here are some awesome reasons to join!

Benefits For Joining Enactus as….

A Student

  •  Get involved in the college and community in a meaningful way
  • Challenge yourself and stand out in the job market compared to your peers 
  • Gain experience and develop the skills that will get you hired 
  • Become part of a global network of business leaders, change-makers, and next-generation innovators 
  • Earn a badge on LinkedIn that highlights your time in Enactus 
  • Gain access to a large network of industry experts, senior-level businesses, and current change-makers 
  • Create meaningful friendships and lifetime memories 
  • Have an impact on your campus and make a difference in the world 
  • Have the opportunity to become a part of the Traveling Team and represent Fleming on a national and international level
  • Better the local and global communities 

A Faculty Advisor

  • Help guide students in their mission to better their community
  • Help students develop invaluable life and work skills
  • Network with like-minded faculty across the country and around the world

A Community Partner

  • Help engaged Enactus students to run innovative projects 
  • Be a part of student initiatives that promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Aid local students in their mission to better their community
  • Lend your expertise
  • Become a sponsor

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Who are our community partners? Check them out here!

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