Keys To Me

Keys To Me


Unlocking success through workshops catered to Fleming students

Project Manager: Avanthika Nakkeeran & Shrey Rajesh Gandhi

College is an exciting time with new opportunities, but it’s also a time of a lot of stress. For many students, they feel that they lack basic life skills such as financial literacy, stress management, and job preparation. These skill and knowledge gaps can negatively affect their academic achievement as well as their long-term success.

For the past three years, Keys To Me has been conducting a series of workshops to raise awareness, develop skills and provide tips on a number of important topics. Enactus Fleming College is fortunate to have strong community partners who lend their expertise and time to deliver these interactive workshops.

We have recently partnered with the New Canadian Centre in Peterborough to deliver these workshops to their clients. In the future, many of these workshops could be modified for delivery to high school students as well.

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