Paddy Waste To Income

Paddy Waste To Income

Partnering with rice farmers in India to reduce crop waste burning and find new revenue streams 

Project Manager: Kirandeep Kaur

In the state of Punjab in India, it is common for rice farmers to burn the straw that remains after the crop has been harvested. The annual burning of the rice paddy reduces soil fertility, causes serious health hazards for the farmers, the neighbouring city of New Delhi and further afield. Farmers do this because they cannot afford to buy the equipment that they need to remove the stubble before the next crop needs to be planted.

Paddy Waste to Income will work with local farmers and Enactus teams in Punjab to empower farmers with the means to stop burning their waste and reduce the health risks of burning the crop. Local cooperative societies will acquire the equipment which will then be made available to the small farmers. The straw will be collected, baled and sold to create new sources of revenue for the farmers. 

This project is in the initial stages as we work with Enactus Thapar University to establish our contacts on the ground.

Why Punjab? Well, in 2018 two students at Fleming College came to the Enactus team with this issue. They both came from rice farming families in the village of Sathiala in Punjab and knew that this traditional practice was not ideal. With a large number of students from that region, Fleming College is a great place for this project.

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