Project YouKnighted

Project YouKnighted

Enriching the learning experience in a whole new way!

Project Manager: Moira Robertson

Fun, interactive learning modules that match the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with the Ontario school curriculum. The initial plan was to create a Treasure Chest of activities that could be used at our partner, King Albert School. Once tested and refined, the Treasure Chest would be rolled out to other schools in the district.

Teachers will be able to integrate the module activities into their classes as they see fit. The first activities will be tested at King Albert when students are back in class.

The long term goal is to convert the Treasure Chest to an online resource and so reach a larger market. COVID-19 has caused this project to take a hard turn towards providing resources online much more quickly. We’re working on that right now.

Innovation in action: Our first ‘Hackathon with a Twist’ where we invented fun, interactive modules for King Albert students was a huge success! We may just do it again!

It all started with King Albert Elementary School in Lindsay, Ontario, facing issues with limited financial resources, low parent engagement, and low attendance. As a result, their students are underachieving academically and socially. The Principal approached Fleming College for help and Project YouKnighte was born!

Fun fact: What’s in a name? YouKnighted felt like a natural name because both Fleming College and King Albert coincidentally share the same mascot – a knight!

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